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Emad Pharmaceuticals

Serving to promote global health

The third producer of silver nanocrystal dressings in the world
The first manufacturer of disinfectants for hospital, food and livestock industries in Isfahan province
A leader in the production of all kinds of animal medicines and pharmaceutical products

About Us


Emad Pharmaceutical Company located 50 kilometers south of Isfahan in Razi Chemical Town in 2014 after the approval of the plan based on the latest standard of the world (Good Manufacturing Practice) by the Food and Drug Organization from the Ministry of Health, started construction activities and in 2017 after receiving the permit. Pharmaceutical companies have started to produce their products. This company has taken a big step in this field with the aim of completing and improving the existing capacities in the health sector.

With the help of its research and development department, Emad Pharmaceutical Company has been able to produce and supply various products for different markets, including wound treatment, food industry, cosmetic industry, medical and dental industry, livestock, poultry, public and domestic places. Many of the company’s products are produced in the Middle East for the first time.

Emad Pharmaceutical Company operates in line with philanthropic goals and with a correct understanding of the importance and role of health products in meeting the needs of the society by observing professional ethics in order to serve and improve people's health and quality of life. Our goal in Emad Pharmaceuticals is to improve the quality of products and to achieve the development and ensure the safety of products and to serve the promotion of health and global health. By establishing an integrated management system based on the requirements of ISO 9001-2008 and ISO13485-2016 standards, the management of Emad Pharmaceutical Company commits to produce the best quality products by striving to continuously improve the quality management system, prevent environmental pollution and pay attention to the health of employees. and lead the company in the path of organizational excellence and sustainable success.
We are committed to our work and we love it.

The research and development department as the heart of the company, using the experiences and knowledge of colleagues, expert professors and the latest scientific achievements of the world, by providing a variety of formulations in line with the company's goals, various products for different markets such as wound treatment, food industry, cosmetic industry and has produced and supplied sanitary, medical and dental, livestock and poultry and public and domestic places.
The research and development unit of Emad Pharmaceutical Company always takes steps to achieve the quality, diverse and needed products of the society.


Engines driving our technology and science

Our areas of work

Wound Care Products

Millions of people around the world suffer from infections caused by burnings, traumas, and chronic wounds caused by diseases; it is the worst tragedy for a person, which affects the patient both physically and mentally; this leads to high costs, pain and suffering for the patient, and psychological and financial damages the family as well as society.

Disinfectant Products

Today, the World Health Organization considers the hospital as an integral part of the social organization, whose task is to maintain the health of the community, especially patients admitted to public and private hospitals; This task is directly related to the accurate knowledge of the factors that cause and develop nosocomial infections.

Sexual Health

Sexual health and the ways to provide it is one of the most important factors affecting the health of women and men, and it is also one of the most important indicators of life satisfaction that affects the mental health of societies.

Food industrial disinfectant

Our Achievements