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Marital relations are not only a natural act, but also very necessary for the health of the body and soul. Hormones are released in the body of men and women during sex, which are necessary for mental and physical health.

Your body releases the serotonin hormone, which makes you happy and helps emotional regulation and prevent depression during sexual orgasm. However, the oxytocin, which is also known as the love hormone, released before reaching orgasm, and removes the cortisol which is known as the stress hormone. 

Therefore, healthy sex  can keep you away from your daily stresses and stress.

The reason for the large number of divorces and problems of marital life are the lack of sexual satisfaction of the couple. Sexual satisfaction is one of the most important topics in sex.

If sex is done in a correct way, it can make the couple’s life longer and cause their physical and mental health, and it requires full familiarity with healthy sex and improving sexual skills and observing the principles of sexual hygiene.

Due to the natural physiological conditions of women, to eliminate the vaginal odor and prevent dryness, including burning and pain, inflammation, increased odor secretion and vaginal infection that occur naturally during sex and serious damage.

Important points for women:

During sex, use lubricating gels, water-based lubricants to observe sexual hygiene and maintain your health.

For protecting sexual health and also meet some of the sexual needs of the parties to increase and satisfy sexual pleasure, Emad Pharmaceutical Company has produced water-based lubricating gels for women.

Due to its natural physiological conditions, the company has produced different gels to meet men’s needs.