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Wound Care Products

Millions of people around the world suffer from infections caused by burnings, traumas, and chronic wounds caused by diseases; it is the worst tragedy for a person, which affects the patient both physically and mentally; this leads to high costs, pain and suffering for the patient, and psychological and financial damages the family as well as society. Fast and lasting treatment is the only thing that these patients and their families desire.

Successful wound healing depends on the health status of the wound, the preparation of the wound bed, the choice of the appropriate dressings and, most importantly, the patient’s condition.

The use of modern methods of wound healing has accelerated wound healing, which leads to sooner discharge of the patient from the hospital and, consequently, the optimal use of the capacity of hospital beds. Therefore, reducing the cost of consumed medical supplies will improve the performance index of the Hospital Economics Committee for Drugs and Treatment.

This sequence ultimately reduces the country’s health expenditures per capita and contributes to the country’s economy. Thus, updating the protocols of wound healing is concerned by The World Health Organization.

 In this regard, Emad Pharmaceutical Co., for successful wound healing and reduction of treatment duration, has produced a range of wound care products that accelerate the healing process, and ultimately the patient’s satisfaction with the treatment is obtained.