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Hospital Disinfectant Products

Today, the World Health Organization considers the hospital as an integral part of the social organization, whose task is to maintain the health of the community, especially patients admitted to public and private hospitals; This task is directly related to the accurate knowledge of the factors that cause and develop nosocomial infections.

Since the prevention and control of nosocomial infections is superior to treatment and due to the close relationship between nosocomial infections and environmental contamination of the hospital, the necessity of attention to it, quantitative and qualitative evaluation of microbial contamination, identification, destruction of contaminant sources and control of its transmission routes are increasingly emphasized.

To achieve this important goal, scientists believe that in order to prevent the transmission of infection in hospitals and medical centers, the chain of infection transmission should be considered and then broken by using preventive and control approaches.

Therefore, Emad Pharmaceutical Company, according to the raw materials recommended by WHO and considering the microbial resistance conditions, time of effectiveness, economic conditions and environmental effects of the materials used, proceeds to produce disinfectants to meet Hospital infection control needs and thus contribute to the prevention and control of hospital infection and public health.