Epimax Scrub

Top Surgeons Hand Scrub

برند : Epimax

Brand : Epimax

Top Surgeons Hand Scrub


Chlorhexidine digluconate 4%, surfactant


  • A wide range of effects on a variety of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, coated and uncoated viruses
  • Long-term effectiveness on the skin of surgeons’ hands
  • No residue on the skin; rinse and dry with water after use.
  • A sense of freshness in surgeons’ hands to perform surgeries.
  • Alcohol-free , prevent dry skin


  • Tested on a wide range of bacteria according to European standards EN13727

  • Tested on a wide range of fungi in accordance with European standard EN13624

  • Have a certificate of insensitivity and irritability according to ISO10993-10 standard

  • Registered in the General Directorate of Drugs and Narcotics Supervision of the Food and Drug Administration


1lit, 4lit

Safety Data Sheet