Epimax Hand Plus

Hand Sanitizer

برند : Epimax

Brand : Epimax

Hand Sanitizer


Ethanol, Isopropyl alcohol, Quaternary ammonium, Chlorhexidine digluconate


  • Extensive spectrum effect on a variety of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, coated and uncoated viruses

Note: Alcohol-based hand sanitizers have the highest efficiency in reducing pathogenic bacteria on hands in the shortest time, which has been announced by HICPAC (Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee) as the best hand hygiene method.

  • Various and simultaneous effectiveness of raw materials used
  • Usable in high-risk medical centers to microbial resistance.
  • Instant effect
  • Pleasant and gentle smell
  • No need to rinse


  • Tested on coated and uncoated viruses in accordance with European and American standards EN14476, ASTM E1052

  • Tested on a wide range of bacteria in accordance with European standards EN13727, EN1276

  • Tested on a wide range of fungi in accordance with European standards EN13624, EN1650

  • Non-irritability and skin sensitivity according to ISO10993-10 standard

  • Registered in the General Directorate of Drugs and Narcotics Supervision of the Food and Drug Administration


70cc, 250cc, 500cc, 1lit, 4lit, 10lit

Safety Data Sheet