About Emad Pharmaceutical Company

Emad Pharmaceutical Company located 50 kilometers south of Isfahan in Razi Chemical Township in 2005 after approving a map based on the latest world standard (Good Manufacturing Practice by Food and Drug Administration) from the Ministry of Health and started construction in 2008 after receiving Drugs have begun to produce disinfectant products.

Research and Development Unit

R&D department as the heart of the company, in a space separate from the manufacturing unit, using the experiences and knowledge of colleagues, experts and the latest scientific achievements of the world, providing a variety of formulations for the purposes of the company, a variety of products for different markets from Produce and supply food, medicine and dentistry, livestock, poultry, public and home places.

Emad Pharmaceutical Research and Development Unit always strives to achieve quality, diverse and market-demanded products.

Quality and customer orientation

Creating a healthy, safe, green and clean work environment and protecting the workforce
Rapid, transparent and honest response to all complaints based on a customer-centric system
Optimal use of facilities, machinery, energy, resources and waste management
Using the most equipped quality control and chemistry labs capable of performing all chemical, pharmaceutical and microbiological tests
The commitment to eliminate or reduce the risk to the lowest possible extent is reasonably, reasonably and practically applicable
Improving the level of physical and mental health of all employees and stakeholders
Production of quality products in accordance with GMP and other national and international CE standards
Improving the level of satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders and improving and developing relationships with them
Market development (internal and external) by enhancing product portfolio, research, market position analysis and expanding R&D performance
Continuous training to increase the scientific and technical staff of the company as the most valuable asset of the company
Increase productivity through continuous improvement of cost, energy and waste management processes
Compliance of the business of the company with Islamic and ethical principles and maintaining the reputation of the company and the brand with an international name
Development of integrated management information system

message from head manger

Emad Pharmaceutical Company works for humanitarian goals and with a proper understanding of the importance and role of health products in meeting the needs of society with professional ethics to serve and promote the health and quality of human life. Our goal in Emad Pharmacy is to improve product quality and to achieve product development and safety and increase customer satisfaction.

Emad Pharmaceutical Company Management, through the establishment of an integrated management system based on the requirements of ISO9001-2008 and ISO13485-2016 standards, is committed to achieving its goals by continually improving its quality management system, preventing environmental pollution and paying attention to the health of its employees. Lead the company in the path of organizational excellence and sustainable success.

The purpose of achieving these goals is simple because we believe in our work and love it.

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